Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Pro Bowl debacle

So the title of my blog is "State of Indifference". The truth is, I have strong opinions about all sorts of crap. The "indifference" alludes to my lack of care of how other people view my opinions. Agree or disagree, I think everyone is entitled to an opinion. But chances are, I'm probably right, and anyone disagreeing with me is dead wrong.

So the NFL announced last week that the Pro Bowl is moving to Miami in 2010 (the same site as the Super Bowl) and will be played the week BEFORE the championship. What the hell are you thinking, Roger Goodell? The two presumed best teams in the league are playing for the most-watched sporting event in this country, and you decide to move the all star exhibition to the week BEFORE said competition? How ridiculous! The Pro Bowl is a half-assed effort as it is now. No way in hell do any players from the SB play in the Pro Bowl now. At least in its current format, we get to see MOST of the best players compete against each other in a glorified two-hand touch game. Taking the players from the two conference championship victors out of that event is just stupid.

Look, I'm all for moving the Pro Bowl to the same site of the Super Bowl. I think it's a brilliant move, actually. It turns the whole Super Bowl event into a huge 3-week extravaganza. But in a sport as violent as American football, where a season-ending injury can (and does) happen in any given week, the all-star event should be at the END of the season. I've had a few people suggest that it "works" for the violent NHL mid-season, but you don't often hear of people detaching muscle from bone and ripping ACL's in hockey. Besides, the NHL season is 8 months long; the NFL season is 4. A major injury in the NHL All-Star game can often be overcome before the Stanley Cup Finals. And to boot, it's just freaking hockey - the 4th or 5th favorite sport in the U.S. It's more fun to play on PS3 than it is to watch on TV. Most Americans can name at least 10 NFL players and like maybe ONE NHL player (Wayne Gretsky no longer counts).

Bottom line, move the site, but play the game after the championship. Oh, and the cowboys still suck.

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  1. It would change nothing about the ProBowl at all. In the NHL all people really care aboot is the skills competition. No one cares about the game and frankly the scores are so high because not one checks. No one cares about the ProBowl. They have to do something to get people to watch it. How about the skills competition before the superbowl and the game after. I'd watch the skills and ignore the rest like I normally do.

    Oh yeah...THEY DO NOT!