Thursday, February 5, 2009

Phelps and the Bong

Why all the fuss over Michael Phelps and this bong photo?

First, a disclaimer. I'm a rocker yet for my entire life have hung around people who smoke, dip, and snort. None of the hard stuff in my circles - that would call for an intervention. But (and for whatever reason no one believes me), I've never EVER tried an illegal substance. I'm a drinker and a former tobacco smoker (I still partake in the regular cigar and social cigarette), but I've never even tried the mildest of illegal substance, marijuana included. No holier-than-thou attitudes here, but I just haven't had a desire to try anything. Having said that, I still think that pot should be legalized. It's less addictive and less dangerous than alcohol, which IS legal. And don't even get me started on how much money the US government could rake in on taxes on legal marijuana.

But really, has Phelps done anything beyond what the typical 23-year old would do? "Role models" slip up all the time. What should be watched carefully is how the person reacts to the media. **don't even get me started on the media - posts on that will inevitably come to light** My problem is the crucifixion that this Olympic superstar is facing. Don't throw stones in glass houses. He's still a stud, he'll still make millions, he'll win more medals. Before you criticize someone, look at yourself. And piss off, media. You're cashing in on something that happened over 3 months ago. It's pathetic.

OK, I'll stop now before the media rants begin...

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  1. The only thing that sux here is that Phelpsy's boyz sold him out. how the hell did they let this photo get out. payola I suspect.

    whats a bong?